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Phoenix  Elixir FOHOW with Chinese Cordyceps & Lingzhi, фото 2
Phoenix  Elixir FOHOW with Chinese Cordyceps & Lingzhi, фото 2
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Phoenix Elixir FOHOW with Chinese Cordyceps and Lingzhi
The four key functions of the Phoenix Elixir

  1. Strengthens YANG and replenishes the kidneys. It nourishes the QI of the kidneys, replenishes the vital energy of YANG, improves the condition of the body with pain in the lower back and knees
  2. Strengthens the innate immune system. Replenishes QI and kidneys, activates the primordial resources of the body, comprehensively strengthens the natural and acquired immunity, fully restores body functions.
  3. Prevents colds and COVID-19. It has been widely used clinically in China as an effective prophylactic against COVID-19.
  4. It is quickly absorbed by the body, saturated with active components. The liquid form is absorbed more efficiently, raw materials are purchased from large suppliers with GMP certificates, and multilevel production quality control is carried out.
ПроизводительFohow Health Products
Страна производительКитай
Форма выпускаФлакон
Количество в упаковке4 шт
Объем30 мл
Возрастная группаБез ограничений
  • Цена: 3 975 ₸/флакон